Content Variables

Add variables to your content and code

Content Variables

Add variables to your web content, so you can craft the perfect message.

Add variables to any content on your page

Use AI to ensure clear variations of page content

Why build only one?

Why build one page when you can build 100s? The world is moving toward personalization and context heavy experiences. Content variables allow you to deliver a better buying experience.

Code Variables

Weave your data directly into raw code, so you can effect scripts, html, iframes, and more.

Raw code editor in Dev Mode

Empty value warnings

Why use Content Variables?

Content variables work like Mad Libs, so you can weave critical data and customer information into your pages.

Personalize Content

Publish web pages that deeply resonate with the visitor

Verticalize and Localize content

Tailor content to every segment or audience

Put your data to work

Feed your existing data into pages and put it to work